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In 1990 a long awaited ideal was realized when the Cape Boerperd Breeders Society initiated a sport organization using the Boerperd as sport horse. In 1990 this organization was allocated Amateur Status by the Dept of Sport.

The country is divided into provinces. In each province riders compete at club and regional shows and competitions. From these results provincial teams are selected to compete for the “Pietie Joubert” shield at the South African Championships. A National team is selected on an annual basis to compete against teams from other countries.

The SA Boerperd Amateur Union (SABAU)

caters for its members in a lot of different

divisions. At present there are a “Saddleseat” division, a “Standard” seat division, “Pleasure” ride and “Cariage” driving division.

Development and advanced training courses are held on a regular basis. The SABAU is a fast growing organization with members from all walks of life.


SABAU team 1999




The SABAU equitation teams have done very well in competitions against teams from other countries. In 1999 the American Morgan Horse ass. Sent a team to compete against the SABAU team in South Africa. SABAU team won this competition as well as a

competition against a team from Europe in 2000.

In 2000 SABAU was invited by the American Morgan Horse Ass. To send a team to compete against their riders in America. SABAU also won this


At present SABAU will select a new team at the end of 2008 to compete against a Morgan team from America early in 2009.




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