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Cape Boerperd Breeders' Society

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Criteria for Rider of the Year Award.


August 2018

October 2017


1. Become a member of the Cape Boerperd Breeders' Society - by doing this you also become a member of the SA Studbook (you will receive a stud number and -name).

2. Get a foal book from the Breeders' Society's secretary (Joyclyne Goliath or Tania Bosch - 072 709 4224).

3. Buy yourself a registered Cape Boerperd mare over the age of 3 years and make use of or buy a registered Cape Boerperd stallion.

4. Mate the horses when the mare is in season - keep record of the mating date and the names of the horses mated, if you make use of a stallion belonging to someone else make sure you receive a mating certificate.

5. Have a vet test your mare for pregnancy - hopefully in 11 months time you will be one foal richer.

6. Fill in the foals particulars in the foal book in duplicate

7. Send the copy of the birth notification to the secretary of the Cape Boerperd Breeders' Society (P.O Box 55, Cookhouse, 5820) - be sure to send the mating certificate if you made use of someone else's stallion.

8. You will receive an account for the registration of the foal - on payment of the account you will receive a foal registration book.

9. When your foal is 3 years old it has to be inspected for the adult registry of the Cape Boerperd - you will have to apply to the Breeders' Society for the inspection of your foal.

10. Your foal will be inspected by 3 inspectors during an inspection tour, once this inspection is passed your foal will become a registered Cape Boerperd.


Jong merries - reeds geleer, baie potensiaal as skou- en ryperde.

Young mares - already trained, lots of potential as show- and riding horses

Contact Tania Bosch - 072 709 4224



Variety of young and schooled horses.

Contact Colette - 083 327 7451

Colette is also giving brood mares to good homes because of the drought!



Marietjie Smit maak rypakke teen R1000 elk - sy kan materiaal ook kry.

Kontak haar op:
S: 073 290 8467
H: 027 217 2367



A book on the Cape Boerperd is available - history, information, photo's - everything you've wanted to know about the Cape Boerperd.

Cost: R125,00 incl. postage
Order at:


Afrigting beskikbaar vir ruiterkuns ruiters, beginners en perde te Middelburg Oos Kaap.

Kontak Anika: 073 870 2250
Email: anikaunisa@gmail.com