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The youth program of the Cape Boerperd Breeders Society and the SA Boerperd Amateur Union aims to introduce the Cape Boerperd and itís versatility to all horse loving children. We aim to involve the youth in all aspects of the horse industry.

The Youth Program

The CBYP is a program for young people with a common interest in horses. CBYP offers a variety of programs and competitions that challenge members to become involved, to learn, and to develop competence in all areas of the horse industry.

While working with the Cape Boerperd, members develop a sense of sportsmanship and fair play, learn citizenship skills, master leadership skills and develop discipline and responsibility for themselves and their horses.

The CBYP is designed to bring out the best in its members - no

matter what their skills and interests.


Membership is open to all young people whom have not reached the age of 19 years on the 1st of January of a given year.

Owning a Cape Boerperd is not a requirement.

All children interested in improving their horse mastership skills are invited to join the CBYP

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P.O. Box 55
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