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Very important news from SA Studbook.

Omdat kleurmerke julle perde se permanente identifikasie is, kan ons nie ‘n perd opneem wat die kleur bv aangegee word as Bay of Bruin of wat ookal. Indien daar geen ander identifikasie is nie, moet die kroontjies oral ingevul word.  Hier is prentjies en name van die verskillende kleurmerke.

Legislation on grooms in Horse Boxes


Regulation 330 of the National Road Traffic Regulations deals with towing of vehicles and regulation 330(f) states: “No person shall operate a vehicle on a public road towing another vehicle if the towed vehicle is conveying persons at a speed in excess of 30 kilometres per hour, unless the towed vehicle is a semi-trailer.” 


A semi-trailer is “a trailer having no front axle and so designed that at least 15 per cent of its tare is super-imposed on and borne by a vehicle drawing such trailer.”


Most horse boxes are nothing much more than a trailer with a roof and perhaps a dual axle, so they therefore you may not convey persons in them unless you drive at speeds below 30km/h at all times. 


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A very successful inspection tour took place.  More than 50 horses were inspected.  Good one, bad ones and average ones.

New members joined.

Thank you to the inspectors and secretary that offered their time etc. to do this thankless job.

Thank you to Martime Motors PE that sponsored a double cab Triton for the Eastern Cape tour.


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