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Chrisna Pretorius and JJO Castenette (Fiela)

Ons het ook Oktober ons eerste graded western riding skou gehad wat Agri Expo aangebied het. 

Ons het soos volg gedoen.

SAQHA All Breed Pleasure (ridden) – 6de

SAQHA All Breed Horsemanship (ridden) – 4de

SAQHA All Breed Trail Horse (ridden) – 2de


SAQHA All Breed Super Horse (ridden) – 1ste



Indiana Smokey Joe op sy eerste uithourit.




Colchester’s Rambler and I went to Bathurst and had a really exiting time there, what a super show incorporating Sanaf graded and ungraded showing classes and jumping and dressage.  The show spread over four days.  Of the four 90cm show jumping events we entered we came 3rd in three of them. In the Dressage prelim we came 2nd, working riding showing we came 4th. Just a month later we went to Grahamstown for the Settlers Show.  Once again all the Sanaf disciplines were incorporated.  Our first achievement was to get 60% in both the prelim dressage tests giving us a 4th place, not bad for a five gaited boerperd!  In the showing we entered the Working Riding class and were placed 2nd thus having to compete in the Champion Working Horse on the Sunday, we achieved Reserve Champion in this class and some great complements from an international judge Mr. Greg Gross – so proud of my Cape Boerperd competing against top quality thoroughbreds and warm bloods.  In the show jumping we came 2nd in the 90cm championship class on the Sunday. These achievements spread over all the disciplines are really testament to a horse breed of great versatility and temperament.

Colchester’s Rambler is now 8 years old and I have owned him for nearly four years.  Together with my instructor Tracy Kennedy of the Homestead Equitation Estate in St. Francis Bay we have worked hard on getting him to carry himself in a way that is acceptable to the sanaf disciplines of dressage and showing.  The show jumping seems to have come naturally and he is very honest and safe to jump loving every moment of it.




Fotos geneem tydens die Performance kompetisie gehou te Hofmeyr skou tussen die Kaapse Boerperd Performance team en OP Saalperd plesierperd span

SA Champion 5 gaited childs Riding horse / Stephan Muller trofee

Indiana Pampoen - Steven Ferreira

SA Champion Child's 3 gaited riding horse  - Tibsaraeny/Frost Trofee

The General - Franky Delacasa

SA Kampioen 5 Gang ryperd

Lady,s Prophet van Seis Botha

SA Champion Single Harness

July Bokwana met Colchester Bold Princess van HF en CA Botha


SA Champion Fine harness

Indiana Bakgat with Charlie Brown for Gerrit Vermeulen

SA Champion 3 gaited riding horse

Colchester Delgado Colette Botha


We live in Cape Town, in Rondebosch.  The forest is still relatively safe for the kids to ride in on their own, so they spend a lot of time riding out up the mountainside.  Jack really enjoys that.   
He has an interesting and strong personality, and he is very expressive:  if she annoys him he will happily throw a buck, or swish his tail around like a helicopter, and generally tell the world that he is annoyed...likewise, if he is happy, his ears are pricked, his tail goes straight up like a real show off and he springs along.  He can be a real ninny...he's petrified of lots of odd things, like man hole covers, water puddles (although he likes to swim), flapping umbrellas and jackets going on or coming off a mounted rider, and yet he was happy to go to the beach and splash in the waves, and he loves Socks the stable cat, who will sit on his head and jump off his face, even head butt him in the paddock!
He is thoroughly his own self, not a bit of meanness, just a positive sense of what he will do and what he won't, like it or leave it!  He comes when you call him (but equally can be impossible to catch if he doesn't feel like it!)  He goes a stunning copper red colour in mid summer...he loves the hose pipe and holds it in his teeth, with the water gushing through his mouth.  He has very good feet which we have kept bare foot (no shoes), just get a manicure every 5 weeks.
He is always the centre of attraction at shows with the kids...he is very sociable and they always hang out with him...he loves to kiss and wiffle with his soft nose, he tries to steal the bacon out of egg and bacon rolls, and he's happy to follow along like a big dog on the end of his lead rope while we cruise and chat between classes.
He is a wonderful companion and friend and the best pony a child could wish for on the ground..he happily has hordes of kids in his stable (quite often gets used as the Pony Club model), lets Emma fiddle and faff with night bandages on his legs, is a pleasure to deal with in bathing, plaiting and feeding.  He's always game and tries his best.
His main accomplishments so far are:
Western Cape Pony Club Children's Victor Ludorum Winners 2008 (Hi-Jack has Pony Club colours for Equitation and Showjumping) and he won all the Open events at Pony Club Inter Regional in Cape Town last year - Elementary dressage, Open showjumping and Open equitation.
WP Pony Rider Lower Grade Showjumping Champions for 2008 (based on points for the year, combined E, D and C grades)
WP Summer Open Pony Rider Equitation Super League winners 2009
WP Open Equitation Team 2009 for Pony Riders SA Champs in George
WP Pony Rider C-grade showjumping team that won first place at SA Champs 2009 - Jack came 8th individually.
With Lauren Ferrey he was in the Eastern Cape teams for Dressage and Showing for Pony Rider's Champs 2007.
Jenny Dickerson (mother of 13 year old Emma)


Cape Boerperd Performance teams Cradock 2009

Sponsored by LWO

SA Boerperd vs Cape Boerperd - Cradock 2009


Cape Boerperd Performance teams Luckhoff 2008


 Cape Boerperd Performance teams Cradock                           SA Boerperd Performance Team Cradock 2008







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